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About Us


Drakken Tankless Water Heaters are a fusion of design and engineering. With 14 years experience, our team has a proven track record of success in manufacturing, plumbing, service and installation to deliver the greatest value to our customers. Dedicated to diversity, we focus on varied backgrounds and skill sets to create a dynamic learning environment where our employees can continue to learn and grow.



 Drakken Tankless Water Heaters incorporate every factor relevant to today’s consumer. Eco-friendly, energy efficient, built to last, and space and money saving, our products are designed to perform, no matter what size your needs. From small residential customers to larger corporations, we help customers and companies all across the globe. The greatest testimonial of Drakken is our products, and we invite you to join a long list of satisfied customers who benefit from our value of quality and service.



Eco-friendly, energy efficient, and built to last. Our new line of iHeat™ tankless water heaters range from meeting the need of small residential units to those of large corporations. The new line meets the latest design and safety standards, improved reliability, easier and more intuitive operation and serviceability. iHeat is placing a strong emphasis on the energy savings our product offers and our Go Tankless Go Green trademark slogan.


 Julio Morejon
Founder / Ceo

Pedro Cabrera
General Manager